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Alvanon launches new dedicated course for brands and retailers

Global apparel expert Alvanon has launched a new dedicated course aimed at helping brands and retailers of men’s, women’s and childrenswear navigate the world of 3D.

The new 3D course is the latest addition to Alvanon’s Professional Development Series (PDS) of classes.

Delivered by Alvanon consultants who have accumulated expertise of 3D best practices, the half-day course will cover key strategic considerations including 3D goals, ROI, software options and implementation.

Alvanon is software independent and will work with all leading 3D software providers, including Optitex, Browzwear, Clo3D, Gerber, Lectra, Tukatech and Assyst to support clients who have already committed to a particular 3D software platform.

“At Alvanon, we know that brands are in different places in their journey towards 3D proficiency,” said Ed Gribbin, president at Alvanon.

“Whether you’re just getting started and developing a 3D strategy, choosing the right software, or are already on your way and committed to 3D, it’s easy to derail if you haven’t anticipated all the things that you may encounter along the way when it comes to people, processes and the technology.”

Other modules on offer include Apparel Costing 101 and Sustainability 101.

For more information on Alvanon’s 3D course contact sales@alvanon.com



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