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From Babies with Love teams with Street Child

From Babies with Love, which donates 100 per cent of profits from its ethically-sourced baby gifts to orphaned and abandoned children, has a new partnership with international charity, Street Child.

The initial joint project will help support some of the 32,000 unaccompanied children impacted by devastating conflict in north east Nigeria.

From Babies with Love will fund Street Child to establish three, Child Friendly Spaces (CFS), which are safe spaces set up in emergency settings to help support and protect children.

Each CFS will have a trained child support coordinator to help youngsters progressively overcome traumatic events; a social worker to identify appropriate caregivers, including identifying and training foster parents; alongside learning materials and equipment to ensure children can continue with their education.

“We’re extremely grateful to all our customers, without whom this partnership would not be possible,” says From Babies with Love founder, Cecilia Crossley. “We’re already looking forward to new designs and products that mean our customers will continue helping children all around the world to be loved and cared for.”

Street Child CEO, Tom Dannatt, adds, “We’re thrilled to partner with From Babies with Love. In addition to its funding contribution to our vital work, we’re excited about its pioneering social enterprise model and working together creatively to help thousands of the world’s most vulnerable children.”

Street Child launched its first project in Nigeria earlier this year to help children and families fleeing from the ongoing conflict.

The charity also supports vulnerable children in Sierra Leone and Liberia, where thousands of youngsters lost parents to the Ebola epidemic, and in Nepal, where many children were orphaned in the recent earthquake.



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