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CWB’s pick of baby shoes and booties ranging from butter soft leather styles through to cosy cashmere numbers. Design-wise, there’s something for all tastes, whether it be prints, animals, pom-poms or laces.

Albetta (main image)
Crochet unicorn booties, 01628 820082

Donsje Bunny Kapi Lining boots.

Bunny Kapi Lining boots, contact@donsje.com

Inch Blue Black leather lace-ups

Inch Blue
Black leather lace-ups, 01495 311123

Geese print baby booties, 07775 750976

Cashmere panda booties, 01202 696902

Natures Purest
Pom Pom booties, 0116 279 2901

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