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Brazilian children’s footwear brand Bibi is making its Bubble London debut for s/s 18 as it launches in the UK and across Europe.

Founded in 1949 in the south of Brazil, Bibi was one of the first Brazilian footwear brands to create shoes specifically for children and to have been approved by the Brazilian Association of Foot and Ankle Medicine and surgery.

The brand, which creates shoes for different stages of children’s foot development combining orthopaedic research with a fashion-forward range of styles, has focused on three key trends for s/s 18.

Tropikids brings a fresh touch to children’s footwear, taking inspiration from nature, cultural roots, handcrafts and handmade products.

Music sees Bibi tap into a vibrant colour palette, with highlights including classic ballet flats that have been given an urban and modern touch, while Rock n’ Roll influences include metals, the colour black and graphics.

Finally, the Futurist Journey trend offers cleaner references inspired by the planets, which are translated into organic lines, monochromatic looks, contrast linings and neon shades.

The brand’s Easy Light range, meanwhile, sees LED lights in several colours on shoes’ uppers.

“Bibi has every single feature we want to see in children’s shoes – shoes that are so comfortable they provide the sensation of walking barefoot,” says Gerry Walker, head of sales for Bibi’s European distributor, Ghetz. “We only use non-toxic materials and everything we do is environmentally friendly. A key feature is that we produce all of our shoes in Brazil, using the softest Brazilian leathers, and we have a unique comfort technology in the removable insole called Fisioflex.”

See Bibi’s s/s 18 collection at Bubble London on 16-17 July at the Business Design Centre, Islington.

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