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A professionally designed team kit provided by BMB is helping to pitch a local rugby team into the spotlight. The Clarendon Academy in Trowbridge town centre introduced the Rugby Academy into its sixth form two years ago under the tutelage of head coach, Ashley Kempson.

“The initiative is designed to maintain students’ interest in rugby at a time when most tend to drop out of the sport,” explains Kempson. “Rugby can now be taken as a fourth option in sixth form. In this capacity it can be built into the school curriculum, making it more accessible to this age group. The course offers the students the opportunity to both nurture their practical skills as well as to gain coaching qualifications.”

As part of a sponsorship programme, BMB has provided two sets of sports kit to each member of the Academy, of which there are now 21. Each player receives a teamwear set comprising jogging bottoms and a track suit from the Orion Sportswear Capsule Collection, which can be worn in school instead of school uniform. For matches, a bespoke, sublimated team kit made with Orion’s technical, performance fabrics has been created specifically to the Academy’s style and colour requirements and comprises a matching shirt, shorts and socks. The kit is branded with Orion Teamwear as well as the BMB logo.

“The rugby students are incredibly proud of all their kit,” continues Kempson. “The teamwear is stylish and comfortable and the match kit is striking, colourful and high performance, undoubtedly helping to build team morale and inspire confidence at competition level. I’m also really impressed with the quality. I’m the one who has to wash the kit after matches and thus far, despite some pretty horrible weather and big contact in games, there has been no staining or loss of shape on the jerseys.”

Sarah Robins, marketing manager at BMB, adds, “Orion Teamwear is a recent acquisition by the company and we wanted to establish a meaningful association with a local based community initiative. When we met Ashley Kempson, we were greatly impressed with his vision for the Trowbridge Rugby Academy and the deep rooted community interest at the core of the programme. The partnership offers an ideal collaborative opportunity and we are delighted to be part of it.”

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