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Childrensalon app

Childrensalon, the online retailer for children’s designer fashion, has unveiled the Childrensalon app for iOS, which is available to download from the App Store as of today.

This latest development reflects Childrensalon’s continued dedication to perfecting its customers’ online journey and further promoting a seamless shopping experience.

Seeing a monumental shift into mobile users, Childrensalon developed an app that provides a native experience, allowing customers to stay one step ahead.

The app, which offers users instant access to over 280 leading childrenswear brands, includes various incentives.

By enabling push notifications, app users can receive exclusive offers for in-app purchases and access to unique competitions, sales and brand launches.

By syncing their Childrensalon account across all devices, customers can continue their shopping experience with ease, wherever they are.

“The deployment of this brand new project comes at a time when every second counts and the world moves faster than ever before,” says Clinton West, Childrensalon’s digital & marketing director.

“The Childrensalon app further simplifies the shopping experience by allowing customers access anytime and anywhere to the latest children’s designer brands.”



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