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Following the recent launch of Childrensalon’s outlet site, Petitoutlet, the online retailer for children’s designer fashion has unveiled its latest venture, the Instagram Edit.

Instagram Edit offers a fully functioning web page, which seamlessly connects the retailer’s Instagram account to its main site. Users simply need to click the bio link on Childrensalon’s Instagram account to be transported to its Instagram shopping page, meaning what used to be 8-click journey is now reduced to a 2-click process.


Molo by Childrensalon.com


Closing the gap between social media and shopping, users can also buy featured items that are still available directly from Childrensalon.com with the click of a button. The Instagram Edit includes all of the items featured in Childrensalon’s social network; the product images will appear directly below the photo, creating a smooth shopping experience.


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