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David Burgess has been re-elected as chair of the Schoolwear Association (SA), renewing his commitment to supporting the industry and promoting the benefits of school uniform.

Furthermore, Daniel Turner, managing director of William Turner, is the new SA vice chairman, taking over from Christine Campbell. Turner has been a member of the SA executive since the association’s launch in 2006 and has had responsibility for the marketing team throughout that period.

Commenting on his commitment to the SA, Burgess says, “It is essential for our industry to have a collective voice so that we can continue to promote the benefits of school specific uniform. We believe it is not only a practical and cost effective solution for schools and parents, but also drives a sense of belonging and pride for pupils. To make sure this message is heard, we need to maintain a strong industry association which represents the many small and medium sized businesses, from manufacturers to wholesalers and independent retailers, who make up this sector.”

The SA, which celebrated its 10th anniversary last year, represents British businesses involved in the manufacture and supply of school-specific uniform, including retailers, suppliers, distributors, wholesalers, decorators, agents and schools. The association, which more than 250 members, is run on an entirely voluntary basis by some of the sector’s most experienced professionals.

To register your interest in joining the SA, please click here.

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