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Manchester school uniform supplier David Luke recently hosted a local clean-up event with Keep Britain Tidy’s Eco-Schools environmental education programme.

The Eco-Schools programme is based around nine topics, one of which is litter. As a long-time partner of Eco-Schools, David Luke is the champion of the litter topic, with its eco-uniform being made from recycled plastic bottles.

“Working with schools is important for us and so partnering with Eco-Schools is a great way to do this,” says David Luke’s managing director, Kathryn Shuttleworth. “We realise there is a litter problem in our local area and so by pulling together, we hope we can do something towards solving it.”

The clean-up event, which took place on 2 March in Ardwick, brought together more than 30 children from local schools alongside David Luke staff, representatives from Manchester City Council and Keep Britain Tidy ambassador Wayne Dixon, together with his dog, Koda.



Dixon, who is currently fulfilling a 20 year dream to walk the entire coast of Great Britain with Koda, litter-picking and speaking at schools and community groups on the way, spoke to the children and adults about his journey and the dangers of litter, before the group of 40 headed out on to the streets to clear-up.

“I’ve seen a lot of beautiful places on my travels so far, but there’s only been about seven miles of coastline that has been litter-free,” says Dixon. “Coming into cities, the litter problem is even worse. If we don’t tackle it now – and cleaning up is a great way of showing the negative impact of littering behaviour – the standards of our cities will only decline further. Education is key, so I’m keen to speak to as many young people as possible to get the message out there that it’s not OK to litter.”

“Our activities with Wayne on the 2 March may inspire others in Manchester to get out more regularly and keep their local communities safe and healthy for all of us,” adds Shuttleworth.

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