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Harrods has secured the exclusive UK launch of SemSem this June.  The SemSem collection designed for women and girls, was founded by Abeer Al Otaiba, who dedicates each season to supporting organizations focused on gender equality, literacy, health, legal awareness and education among women and children around the world.

A cosmopolitan blend of Egyptian and French influences define the signature SemSem style, with clothing hand-made in the traditional fashion with a focus on fine details and exceptional quality. Pulling from the innocence of Pina Bausch formative ballet training, the a/w 17 girls’ collection is delicately refined and fanciful, set in a landscape of shades of rose ranging from blush to dahlia. Silhouettes emphasizing strength and discipline on silk velvets, jacquards and wool cashmere connect hearts, stars and crescents – a nod to the brand’s Middle Eastern heritage.

SemSem will be available in Mini Designers in Harrods’ fourth floor childrenswear department.

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