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Frugi AW18
CWB’s Laura Turner speaks to Jeni Bolton, Frugi’s design manager, for insight into the organic childrenswear brand’s new a/w 18 collection.


Frugi AW18 Jeni Bolton


Laura Turner: Frugi has taken inspiration from the Danish principles of Hygge for a/w 18 – where did this idea come from and how has it been translated into the collection?
Jeni Bolton: We had such fun creating our a/w 18 Lost Kingdom theme. Right from the start, our aim was to create a collection that captures the imaginations of little ones, taking them on an enchanting journey of discovery.

We took inspiration from our trips to Amsterdam, Antwerp and Copenhagen, crafting a range that is bursting with new shapes, magical textures and a Scandi-inspired palette of brights, neutrals and new marls.

To really bring the collection to life, we have also got Frugi characters a plenty to introduce you to; red pandas, beavers, arctic foxes, mountaineering goats and walruses to name just a few.


Frugi AW18


LT: What are the key colours, prints and fabrics?
JB: Our signature bold and bright colour palette, which Frugi clothes are known and loved for, has evolved. Key colours in the collection include earthy green hues, Scandi brights and warm oranges, evoking crisp autumnal days and nights.

Many native Scandi animals can be spotted mischievously hiding amongst the trees in our playful forest ‘Hide and Seek’ print, which features on two of our Frugi classic products; the cosy snuggle fleece and favourite parsnip pants.

Our imagination ran wild, so our ‘Hygge Cat’ print fully embraces the Danish way of living, enjoying the simple pleasures in life as they knit, read and enjoy a hot chocolate snuggled up in warm woolly hats and scarves.

In other prints, guided by the light of the moon under the star filled midnight skies, a pack of huskies make an appearance just in time for Christmas.

Organic cotton is already extra soft, but this season there is a strong focus on super cosy and textured fabrics using soft brushbacks, neppy yarns and micro snuggle fleece.

In addition to these, we’ve also got a new lightweight denim made extra lovely with a printed lining and a selection of cable knits and textured jerseys to layer up or down throughout the season.


Frugi AW18


LT: What is there in the way of new styles?
JB: Embracing the Hygge way of life, we’ve introduced a lot more cosiness into the range with a selection of new knits including bobble hats and Fair Isles, as well as cosy onesies and warm brushed woven PJs.

There’s also an abundance of newness in our selection of T-shirts; our favourite in the baby and toddler range being the button off applique top with a choice of four cheeky Frugi characters to pick from, making dressing a fun and imaginative game.

Our outerwear Explorer range has also grown this season with a new cosy quilted pack away jacket introduced; a snow-capped mountain print for boys and pretty ditsy floral for girls.

LT: How many pieces are there in the collection?
JB: Across the whole collection – My First Frugi, baby, kids, mother and bedding – there is a total of 428 pieces.

LT: What would you highlight as the a/w 18 hero pieces?
JB: The Frugi baby range is jam packed full of new and exciting characters this season, the heroes being Boris the beaver on our play days dungarees, the Rosie the racoon reversible dress and the festive Scandi Tomte on a polka dot babygro.

For girls, our absolute favourite is the new cord Bonnie button dress in the arctic hare print and the Suzie sequin swing tee, which we sourced recycled sequins for to add a sprinkle of sparkles.

In true Frugi style for boys we have a great Nordic inspired Viking walrus applique raglan top, a mountain dinosaur (we’re sure they existed somewhere), a cosy onesie and a Land Rover Fair Isle jumper.


Frugi AW18


LT: Have any developments been made to Frugi’s bedding, toys and accessories ranges this season?
JB: Yes, plenty. Our range of fun Frugi accessories has really grown this season. Our celebrated and bestselling Norah tights now come in a huge array of funky new designs.

The Hygge theme continues with high knee socks and chunky knit blizzard bobble hats available right through from baby up to kids, for boys and girls, in bright and colourful colours.

We’ve also introduced hair scrunchies in a two-pack to complete the Frugi look head to toe.

For My First Frugi, tiny bibs have been added into the range along with smitten mittens and some adorable little booties.



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