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Consulting service Global Fashion Management has made a £50,000 fund available to subsidise initiatives to help fashion SMEs incorporate robust management practices.

This programme is funded and carried out in conjunction with CEO Mentoring (CEOM), a global player in mentoring services, which provides mentors and subject matter experts to SMEs through its global network.

Within the challenging economy SMEs currently face, the objective of the funding programme is to help businesses thrive and move to the next level. The funding covers an initial session with CEOM, free of charge, to gauge the current position of the fashion SME and help it define a programme going forward that may include incorporating a CEOM mentor in confidence to the CEO, or a subject matter expert in an area of weakness, or a combination of both.

Priority will be given to fashion businesses that are pursuing growth and looking to enhance their international operations.

For further information on the funding contact Global Fashion Management on 020 8576 6233 or email funding@globalfashionmanagement.com.

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