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The Great British Baby Company - Kensington coat in Royal duck egg

Children’s tailored outerwear brand, The Great British Baby Company, has launched its new a/w 18 collection, London Stories.

Making its debut at the a/w 18 edition of kids’ trade show Bubble London, the collection marks the brand’s coming of age as a luxury outerwear specialist.

Showcasing dedication to detail, authenticity and true luxury, the collection includes four new styles, each inspired by a separate district of London.

Highlights include the two-tone Kensington gallery coat in myriad shades of fine merino and the Clerkenwell raglan sleeved reefer coat in lambswool bouclé.


The Great British Baby Company - Kensington Coat


London Stories also features two unisex styles that have been tailored to button on whichever side the wearer chooses, available in colourways designed to inspire both girls and boys.

Each piece from the collection is crafted in London using premium natural cloth from Britain’s oldest woollen mills.

The Great British Baby Company is an ethical brand with an environmental conscience and a strong commitment to keeping Britain’s textile production heritage alive for the next generation.



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