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Julien Hervouet advice on Keeping up the Conversation 24 7

With shoppers researching and buying products around the clock, it is now more essential than ever to be available to assist them whenever needed. It is astounding that in this digital age, so many retailers continue to operate within restricted opening hours, alienating many of their biggest spenders who work during these times. So how can you effectively keep up conversations around the clock, answering questions when needed, and remain on-hand to help the customer along their purchasing journey?

The answer lies in conversational commerce which has been adopted by a host of forward-thinking fashion brands and retailers looking to both reduce volumes of incoming emails and improve customer satisfaction. By ensuring that the brand experience is seamless for the customer, no matter what channel or device they may be using, retailers will encourage greater loyalty and conversion rates.

Successful conversational commerce platforms need to achieve a careful balance of automated response and human interaction. By using a mixture of machine and human interaction, retailers are able to provide round-the-clock assistance, efficiently managing a salesperson’s time to deal with more complex issues, while chatbots can quickly respond to easier enquires, such as store opening times.

Our recent research shows that 75 per cent of online consumers want support at some point in their buying process and a fifth of these (19 per cent) said they most need customer service support when they first look up a product. This demonstrates the need for fashion retailers to react to customer queries promptly, at the time of most convenience to the customer, and start conversations right at the beginning of the buying process.

As the retail world becomes more complex through technological advancement, retailers need to ensure they are agile enough to keep up with the shifts in customer expectations and demands. By simply being on hand at any time to answer customer queries and assist with buying journeys, retailers will ensure that they are not missing out on conversion opportunities and aren’t damaging customer relationships or discouraging lucrative brand loyalty.

Julien Hervouet CEO and founder, iAdvize www.iadvize.com


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