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Lady holding KeriKit bag for Honeypot Charity

A new partnership between leather changing bag brand KeriKit and The Honeypot Children’s Charity will see £10 of the profit from each KeriKit bag sold online donated to the charity.

Since 1996, The Honeypot Children’s Charity has been working to enhance the lives of young carers and vulnerable children aged 5-12 years by providing regular respite breaks at one of its two Honeypot Houses.

The charity also provides on-going outreach support through the Honeypot Playbus, which visits children in their local communities up to three times a year.

Commenting on the collaboration, KeriKit’s managing director and mother-of-three, Keri Jamieson, says, “I believe that every child deserves a childhood and yet it is a harsh reality that not every child gets one.

“I wanted to ensure that KeriKit had philanthropy built in its foundations,” she continues. “Although KeriKit is still very much in its infancy and has a lot of growth still to do, I feel that if we don’t do it now, there will always be an excuse. It’s very easy to think ‘not yet’, and spend your money on other things, but seeing the vital work HoneyPot does across the country inspired me to help as soon as I could.

“I am thrilled to announce that KeriKit has partnered with The Honeypot Children’s Charity, an amazing cause that fills me with the motivation to grow.”


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