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KKAMI brings Korean kids’ fashion to the UK

KKAMI, a digital wholesale market for Korea’s leading children’s fashion, accessory and footwear brands, is targeting the UK for stockists.

Via KKAMI.nl, an English online wholesale market, the company provides buyers with trade access to a wide range of Korean fashion labels.

Over 60 handpicked Korean kidswear brands are available, with the company also able to source additional Korean labels at buyers’ requests.

Commenting on the motivation behind KKAMI’s launch, company CEO, Ludo Andringa, says: “Doing business in Korea’s fashion industry is extremely difficult for foreign buyers. Korean brands have developed an exclusive business culture of their own, where sales networks are based on relations and familiarity.


KKAMI brings Korean kids’ fashion to the UK



He continues: “Another obstacle is that the majority of Korean brands operate fully offline, and those that do maintain a website are hard to find, since they are often not available in English and can only be found through Korean search engines.

“Additionally, most Korean suppliers cannot provide basic product information in English, let alone provide quality customer service for buyers.”

Brands carried on KKAMI are selected based on their performance in Korea, with only the bestselling labels with high global potential being accepted on the wholesale site.

Over 600 shops in more than 60 countries have worked with KKAMI, with many re-ordering within months.


KKAMI brings Korean kids’ fashion to the UK

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“One of the things I like about KKAMI is the fact that it stocks a huge range of brands all under one roof,” says KKAMI customer Helay Vi, owner of UK-based online boutique, Little Pea Kids.

“Because of this, Little Pea Kids is able to offer its customers a wide range of products with very little hassle – it provides the opportunity to stock the best Korean children’s fashion without having to spend an endless amount of time and money scouting for the brands myself.”



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