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The Magic Touch Regatta Jacket

UK outdoor clothing brand Regatta and the Regatta Professional team recently collaborated with image transfer experts The Magic Touch to research the best options to decorate Regatta’s growing range of jackets and garments.

Whilst embroidery is, and remains, an option for outdoor products, there is growing demand for full colour logos, personalisation, lower order sizes and quicker turnaround. There is also the issue of selected garments no longer being 100 per cent waterproof when penetrated by embroidery needles.

A key factor established during the research was the importance of avoiding any marking or scorching whilst applying transfers using the traditional heat press method. With many of the new polyester and performance fabrics being very sensitive to heat and pressure, this issue was resolved with application temperatures as low as 110-120°C.

See The Magic Touch’s range of products at this year’s Schoolwear Show on 15-17 October at Cranmore Park, Solihull.

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