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In July, the Centre for Fashion Enterprise (CFE) based at the London College of Fashion – UAL, will present the first Manufacturers Trade Show in East London.

The one-day event, which takes place on 11 July, will showcase over 20 exhibitors and aims to introduce fashion enterprises to manufacturers who can produce smaller scale quantities.

The Manufacturers Trade Show 2017 is a part of CFE’s Fashion Technology Emerging Futures (FTEF) project, with the vision to support the new eco-system emerging in London, recognising the convergence of fashion and technology SMEs. This will be the first show and will occur twice a year going forward.

Confirmed exhibitors include Fashion Enter, Zedonk, Offset Warehouse, Source Studio, Plus Samples Ltd and Making for Change.

Furthermore, the CFE have commissioned Making for Change to make a collection of tote bags for the show, featuring exclusive designs from CFE alumni; Phoebe English, Steven Tai, Teatum Jones and CFE Fashion Pioneer designer, Ovelia Transtoto.

Judith Tolley, head of the CFE, says, “London is known for nurturing the most innovative and authentic creative fashion designers and emerging businesses but without manufacturers to support and work with them their creative talent and growing businesses would not be realised. Our vision is to connect business with manufacturers with a view to developing long term working relationships.”

The Manufacturers Trade Show takes place on 11 July 2017 at York Hall, 5 Old Ford Rd, Bethnal Green, London. You can join in the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #CFETradeShow.


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