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Emily Beardsworth How to market a brand effectively

The most common question I get asked is how to market a new brand effectively. This may seem like marketing 101 to many, but the basics are often overlooked. Whether it’s a shop or a new clothing range, the answers are the same: pinpoint your target audience, organise a photoshoot and join social platforms.

Who is your target customer? Ask yourself this question every day. Marketing content needs to be tailored to your audience to get the most out of any campaign, otherwise it will become lost in the online ocean.

In today’s world of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and websites, the image is king. Your brand’s images will grab your customers’ attention – but that is not always as easy as it sounds. We can be exposed to up to 5,000 marketing images every single day, so you need to pay great attention to what catches your customers’ eye.

So, now the images have been created, how can they to be used to the best possible effect? Worldwide, over 2.7 billion of us are active social media users, with way over half of us using the platforms on a daily basis. Can you now think of a more effective way to reach that many people? Again, like a broken record, knowing your target audience is key here. Unfortunately, not all 2.7 billion people are going to be interested in your brand, so don’t spend your valuable time producing content that is just going to be ignored.

Great images will attract your audience and clever use of the content will drive customers to your brand or website and increase profits more effectively than any other tool.

To find out more and to see how May Creative Marketing can work for your brand, contact us at info@maycreativemarketing.com or call on 07792 922029.

Emily Beardsworth Founder of May Creative Marketing www.maycreativemarketing.com


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