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The next edition of sourcing trade show Maroc in Mode – Maroc Sourcing, which takes place 26-27 October at Moulay Hassan racing course in Marrakesh, Morocco, will be a meeting point for around 175 exhibitors and 1500 trade visitors from across Europe, Africa and America.

Covering over 5000 sqm of exhibition space, this season will play host to the 15th edition of Maroc in Mode and the 14th edition of Maroc Sourcing. The shows will be focused on promoting the country as a production and manufacturing base, with Marocco’s fashion exports having seen sustained growth for the fifth consecutive year, recording 10 per cent growth in 2016.

The sector has embarked on a new, innovative strategy evolving around “ecosystems” led by companies who act as drivers and pioneers for their branches and suppliers. These are committed to fulfilling the requirements for modern production as well as meeting regulations and international standards. The strategy is fully supported and powered by the Moroccan government with the goal to create jobs and drive turnover significantly by 2020. As part of this, the leading companies have committed to upgrade their production systems as well as assist small companies to restructure and develop industrial strength and modernity.

Denim is a prime example for the eco-systems strategy and is endorsed by major players such as Medsourcing, Settavex, New Wash, Paris Texas, and others, with objectives including to increase the denim subsector turnover by 240 million EUR, to create 14,800 new jobs in this sector and to sign 25 conventions with more companies aiming to develop their ecosystem.

Innovative initiatives are also being developed in this branch of the textile industry, one of them being the recent launch of a 100 per cent Made in Morocco, green denim collection designed in collaboration with François Girbaud under the label ‘Cleaning the Planet’.

Currently, six ‘eco-systems’ are up and running: Fast fashion, Denim, Knitwear, Distribution of national brands, Technical textiles and Home textiles. Every subsector has its own specifications and focus, but all share common goals and ambitious objectives.

Morocco is recognized today as a major player in fast fashion with regards to its long standing and established experience with the biggest vertical fast fashion brands and retailers in the world. One of its major competitive advantages lays in the proximity to Europe, and therefore its ability to react immediately to new trends to be delivered within a short time.

The upcoming Maroc In Mode – Maroc Sourcing will be divided into six ecosystems including Fast Fashion, Denim, Knit, Pre/Sports/Leisure, Moroccan Brands and Leather & Shoes within which 175 exhibitors will display their collections and capabilities. Most of these exhibitors are Moroccan, but the show will also display international exhibitors from Turkey, Tunisia, China, Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Portugal, and Egypt.

In addition, and for the first time, around 20 Moroccan companies from the leather and shoes sector will also be participating, adding their contribution to the “fast fashion” dynamic. Around 1,500 specialist visitors are expected to come from Africa, America and Europe.

Maroc In Mode – Maroc Sourcing is organized by AMITH, the Moroccan Textile and Apparel Industry Association, in partnership with the Moroccan Foreign Trade Department and Maroc Export.

For more information visit www.marocinmode.ma and www.marocsourcing.ma.

This story first appeared on WWB online.

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