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Childrenswear brand Muddy Puddles calls for more refugee support in light of Refugee Week, which runs from 19-25 June 2017.

For the past two years the brand, which specialises in protective outerwear for children, has been donating items of its stock to over 500 children in refugee camps. The label has been supplying refugee camps with returns, samples and faulty items which are still wearable but unable to be sold – and is now calling for other brands to follow suit.

In line with Refugee Week, which raises awareness for 65 million refugees across the world, Muddy Puddles encourages other clothing brands to get involved by taking a few simple steps to support children who have fled from war and conflict.

Founder of Muddy Puddles, Natasha Ascott, says, “The global refugee crisis is a vast challenge that will take years to tackle. However, I believe that even if there is a minimal amount you can do then you should still try to make a difference.

She continues: So far we have equipped more than 500 children with protective clothing to keep them warm and dry in the refugee camps. It would be wonderful if for this year’s Refugee Week, other clothing brands could make the same move with their samples and good faulty items, too.”



Brands can get involved by contacting Natasha on 01299 407150 or by emailing natasha.ascott@muddypuddles.com.


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