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Launched in February, Sportee Mommee is a new British brand of maternity sportswear designed to support a comfortable, active and stylish pregnancy.

Prior to designing and developing Sportee Mommee, brand founder Helen Curran worked extensively in the mother and baby industry, before moving into sportswear to build knowledge.

Sportee Mommee’s debut range comprises the Cassandra Comfy Tee, Gladys Stripy Vest, Gladys Stripy Capris, Evangelia Stripy Leggings and the Desiree Track Top, all available in XS (UK size 8-10), S (UK size 10-12), M (UK size 12-14) and L (UK size 14-16). The colour palette is made up of red stripes, black and grey marl, with all pieces designed to complement each other.

Sportee Mommee is also designed, sourced and made in England, which Curran feels is a key benefit to the business. “Being able to work with a team face-to-face is an enormous advantage and is reflected in the high quality of the garments,” she says. “It also make us agile in terms of product development, enabling us to adapt ranges quickly for retailer exclusivity.

“Mums all over the world are now contacting us to ask where they can find the range,” she continues. “As a result, we are looking to expand our distribution through retailers and would welcome any wholesale enquiries.”

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