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Gemma Whates All By Mama

All by Mama, the online marketplace for parent-run businesses, is relaunching at the beginning of October with a new brand identity.

The aim of the website, which features a range of products created by parents, is to support and promote flexible working for mums and dads who don’t want to have to choose between family or work life.

Mother and entrepreneur Gemma Whates (pictured) founded All by Mama back in 2014. Since then, she has raised investment twice, seen revenues increase consistently and has won a business award judged by Baroness Karren Brady.

Three years on, the business is showcasing products from over 300 sellers based across the UK and is managed by a team of eight, who all work flexibly from home.

Through its rebrand, All by Mama is seeking to broaden its appeal to an even wider market, providing its seller base with an even more aspirational website, which will be re-categorised and organised by product price and delivery time.

“When we launched the business, we focused on handmade products and over the past two years we have seen lots of other types of businesses run by mums and dads approach us to become part of our community,” says Whates.

“All by Mama is an inclusive place for all parent-run businesses and we want to ensure our brand represents this,” she continues. “Our new logo and colour palette give us more freedom to be creative and reach new customers.”

The next few years will see continued innovation for the business while its expands its product range, secures a third round of investment and adds to the service provided to sellers.

Other plans include collaborating with like-minded brands, aligning with and supporting relevant charity projects and campaigns and in the longer-term, entering into international markets.


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