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Childrenswear brand Pigeon Organics has been crowned the regional winner of the Ethical, CSR, Green Business of the Year Award in the FSB & Worldpay UK Business Awards. The awards, which are organised by FSB (The Federation of Small Businesses) and Worldpay, identify pioneering and innovative businesses in 11 different categories across the UK.

“We believe that a company is not truly sustainable unless it takes account of its wider social and environment impact, which is why we’ve chosen the organic and ethical route,” says Pigeon Organics founder, Jane Shepherd. “We love design, but we also want to contribute positively to society through everything we do.”

Launched in 2004, Pigeon Organics began life with a range of rompers made from individually commissioned prints. The collection has since grown to include two seasonal daywear collections per year alongside a year-round collection of rompers, bibs, bonnets and blankets.

“We’re passionate about the link between those who make a product and those who use it”

The clothing is made from 100 per cent organic cotton and produced exclusively through four carefully chosen factories in the UK and overseas. Until 2013, the entire range was manufactured in the UK, until the factory closed in June of that year. Since October 2015, however, around 50 per cent of the brand’s year-round collection is made in a factory in Nottinghamshire.

“We’re passionate about the link between those who make a product and those who use it,” says Shepherd. “Many large corporations have lost that link, so that those responsible for the end product have little accountability to their end users. This not only hurts us, but we believe it hurts society as a whole.

“Positive relationships are at the heart of our business, with our suppliers, our customers and anyone else we happen to bump into during our working day. We firmly believe that once you ignore these relationships, so much more is lost, too.”

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