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Poco Nido chef apron

Children’s clothing and footwear brand, Poco Nido, has added a new chef’s set to its offer.

Available for 3-8 years, the printed blue set includes a lightweight, easy-clean cotton apron with an adjustable neck strap, padded cotton oven glove and an adjustable chef’s hat, all packaged in a zip-lock bag for added gift appeal.

“Baking and cooking is an amazing way to spend time with children,” says Poco Nido founder, Catherine Lobley. “The beauty of it is that it’s hands on – learning life skills – and at the end, you have a product you’ve made. The end result is either pride or hilarity depending on how your item turns out! It’s a win-win.”


Poco Nido Chef bib


The Poco Nido collection, including the junior chef’s set, a new pelican bib and new homeware products, will be available to view at the forthcoming edition of Top Drawer at London’s Olympia on 10-12 September.


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