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Keely Deininger has worked as a designer for suppliers of top brands such as H&M and Topshop and was design director at the main fashion supplier for Marks and Spencer. Despite her success, Deininger’s lifelong dream was to start her own business. So in 2007 the mother of three launched Angel’s Face, a label based in London specialising in tutu petti skirts. Ten years on, it’s safe to say Deininger has fulfilled her ambition, with Angel’s Face now offering a full blown fashion collection. Laura Turner finds out what’s next for the brand.


Laura Turner: What course of events led to you launching Angel’s Face back in 2007? And why tutus?
Keely Deininger: I already had a childrenswear brand called Little Linens, which was purely a summer range for boys and girls, and I wanted to have a collection that could be sold all year round.

I bought my daughter Trinity a tutu with a floral waistband from FAO Schwarz in New York in 2005 and although she was only one at the time, she absolutely adored it. It reminded me of when I was a child and believed a garment to be something magical – and this is what inspired me to start Angel’s Face.

LT: Was the plan to eventually develop the brand into a full fashion line?
KD: It was always my intention. We used the tutu as a vehicle to get the brand recognition established and once we had over 100 stores stocking our tutus, we started to expand the range. We believe that every piece in the collection still holds the same magic as the original tutu did in the beginning.

LT: What does the Angel’s Face collection now encompass?
KD: It includes tops, T-shirts, leggings, dresses, hair accessories, shoes, knitwear, swimwear and denim. The most recent addition to the collection is coats, which will be launched for a/w 17.

LT: What can we expect from the new s/s 18 collection?
KD: The hero pieces from our s/s 18 collection are a crystal collared jumper and a gold pocket cardigan. Key colours are banana shake and peach sorbet, and new to the collection is a gold foil print chiffon.

Our age range is now 0–13 years, so it’s exciting to think that baby girls who were wearing our brand when it launched back in 2007 have been able to grow up being able to wear our garments throughout their childhood years.



LT: Who do you see as your target market?
KD: Fun-loving people.

LT: How many accounts does Angel’s Face have and which are your best performing counties?
KD: We have 30 strong accounts in the UK and 400 worldwide. Our top performing counties are China, Italy, Greece and then the Middle East, which is a growing market for the brand.

LT: Where are you looking to next in terms of new markets?
KD: Definitely the USA as well as France and the Middle East.

LT: Where do you see Angel’s Face in another five years’ time?
KD: Being a £5 million turnover business.

LT: Are you doing anything to mark the brand’s 10th anniversary this year?
KD: Yes, absolutely: we have lots of exciting things planned to mark this milestone which will mainly comprise customer engagement activities through our social media platforms. And I’m sure there will be a party thrown in there, too.

LT: Tell us something nobody else knows about Angel’s Face…
KD: We believe in magic…


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