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Workers in start-ups and micro-businesses are more likely to enjoy their jobs according to new research by the One4all Spotlight Awards, a free to enter awards scheme that recognises exceptional staff in the UK workforce.

The survey of 1,220 workers revealed almost 1 in 3 (31 per cent) of employees in businesses containing a maximum of nine members of staff said they “love” their jobs. And indeed, those in companies with the largest workforces, more than 500 members of staff, were the least likely to love their jobs, with just 15 per cent claiming this to be the case.

Individuals employed by micro-businesses, those with nine or fewer employees, were most likely to stay with their current employer for the rest of their working lives, with 18 per cent saying they feel this way. Additionally, 23 per cent stated they take a sense of personal pride in their company’s achievements.

“Clearly, many people find working in a small business incredibly rewarding,” says Declan Byrne, UK managing director at One4all Rewards. “Often workers in these kinds of businesses will anecdotally say they find they have a greater sense of autonomy and more varied roles – and as such, they will go the extra mile for their employer.”


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