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Shopify experts agency, Statement, is bringing its popular Shopify meetup to both Leeds and Manchester this month, on the 19th and 20th July respectively.

As the eCommerce and retail community in the north continues to grow, Shopify will be familiar with many ambitious retailers who are part of this community. As a result of this growth, Shopify Meetups are becoming more and more popular with merchants, developers and anyone with an interest in eCommerce and due to the demand, the event is expanding to Manchester.

Both events will feature expert guest speakers from the eCommerce industry and Shopify community. Attendees can expect valuable insight from industry leaders and brands, as well as inspiring stories from Shopify entrepreneurs.

The Manchester event will be co-hosted by Statement and Space Squirrel, one of the North’s leading Shopify app developers. Space Squirrel develop simple-to-use, smart and efficient Shopify apps and are a huge Shopify success story, making having them on-board an exciting prospect for attendees.

Both the Leeds and Manchester events are open to anyone with an interest in Shopify or eCommerce in general. The Leeds meetup will be held on the 19th July at 6pm at The Adelphi Leeds, and the Manchester meetup will be held on the 20th July at 6pm at LEAF Manchester.

For tickets visit www.statementagency.com.

The feature first appeared on MWB.


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