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Little Zi is a new brand of luxury baby clothing, whose philosophy is to create pieces that are timeless, elegant, sustainable and comfortable, with a focus on handmade embroidery and crochet.

Designed in the US and produced in Peru using Pima and native cotton, Little Zi caters for 0-12 months. However, having complete control of its production and manufacture allows the brand certain flexibilities – to accommodate premature and larger sizes up to 24 months, for instance – as well as having no minimum order requirements.

For s/s 18, Little Zi has used both organic and pima cotton. The organic cotton line includes six collections and uses no dyes. Meanwhile, the Pima line consists of 15 collections in regular Pima and two collections of Pima knits, the latter being light and thin enough for babies to wear in the summer.



Little Zi will be making its UK debut at Bubble London on 16-17 July at the Business Design Centre, Islington.


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