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Heart shaped neon sign for Valentine’s Day

Whilst Valentine’s Day has long been associated with blossoming romance, the occasion is increasingly celebrated by families, with parents, children and grandchildren now receiving cards and gifts.

According to national polling on behalf of Clintons, one-in-20 UK adults have sent a Valentine to a parent or their child.

More Valentines are sent to mums than dads, with nine per cent of those living in London sending a card to their mum.

Those aged 45-54 are most likely to send a Valentine to their child (10 per cent) with mums twice as likely as Dads to send a card.

Nicola Miller, Head of Cards at Clintons, says: “Valentine’s Day has always been about showing your affection towards loved ones.

She continues: “It’s evolved over the years and for many, it’s another occasion to celebrate those closest to you whether that be mums, dads or siblings.

“Valentine’s from parents to children are also on the rise and we’ve begun to offer cards for sons, daughters and grandchildren.”



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