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Very Merry Berry: A new brand of kid’s clothing and décor

New luxury children’s fashion and interiors brand, Very Merry Berry, launched this week at www.verymerryberry.co.uk.

Available retail and wholesale, it unveiled a capsule collection of timeless pieces inspired by high-end Spanish design.

“Our commitment to our customers is to offer a capsule collection of products at affordable prices,” says Very Merry Berry founder, Cristina Rebollo. “We do not follow the seasonal calendar and our fashion and home collections are made up of beautiful, colourful, timeless pieces that are made to last and to be passed down.

“We have obsessed over every single finishing touch; practicality, durability, ease of care and provenance,” she continues. “Our products are a living blueprint for our values and our dedication to deliver on our promise has held steady, despite its many challenges. To be blunt, we do not sell anything that we would not buy ourselves and we sell at the lowest price that we can afford to.”


The Fashion Collection

Very Merry Berry launches its designer fashion label for kids with a small and exclusive collection of luxury pieces inspired by classic designs, updated with a modern twist.

Comprising no more than 50 items, Very Merry Berry has created a capsule wardrobe of clothing staples catering for children from nine months to eight years old.

Carrying the ‘Made in Spain’ label, the practical clothing ranges from everydaywear through to garments for special occasions.

Very Merry Berry: A new brand of kid’s clothing and décor


The Home Décor Collection

Very Merry Berry also offers a line of individually handmade home furnishings and decorative accessories for babies and children.

The collection spans essentials through to imaginative decorative accessories, including multi-coloured light garlands, original wall prints, murals, wall stickers, teepees, artisan rugs, storage boxes and baskets, decorative cushions and bed linen available for both cots and standard beds.

Much of the bedding is reversible and nearly all of the designs are based on original hand painted watercolour designs.

Additionally, almost all of the linens in the collection have been made using high quality, 100 per cent sateen cotton with an easy-iron finish.

“We don’t believe luxury and elegance have to be mutually exclusive with value for money, comfort and practicality,” Rebello concludes.

“We bring parents the highest quality at the best price, without damaging the environment or exploiting the people that make our products in the process. These are the cornerstones of the brand.”



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